Kevin Jogin

Product Development is challenge to meet customers needs with low cost providing good quality. “Poke Yoke Project Environment” understand the whole purpose of product development is to develop brand not just product and consider asking and resolving few principle question as:-

  • What is required?
  • What it costs?
  • What is delivery time?  
  • Reducing Overheads, Labor & Material.
    HOW? – using standards and system

Understanding what is the project about?

Project Description of project background and identification of project source request, in’s and out’s. Remarks
Title Remarks
Background business case (a justification for a proposed project or undertaking on the basis of its expected commercial benefit), Remarks
approved by, Remarks
involved team members Remarks
Purpose Record outcomes of project and benefits Remarks
Objectives how they will be measured Remarks
Project Scope Includes project scope and scope approved by Remarks
Exclusions from Scope which helps to prevent GOLD PLATING Remarks
Deliverables including dates of completion Remarks
Constraints Ensure project been approved, record project budget, identify milestones, identify core resources Remarks
Assumptions record general assumptions Remarks
Cost Total value, Labor, outsource cost, Other costs Remarks

Why Should This Project go Ahead?  

Business Case Project Benefits Remarks
Options Remarks
Cost and Timescale Remarks
Cost/Benefit Analysis Remarks
Risk Identification Likelihood of occurrence, impact, measures Remarks
Risk Prevention Problem solving Remarks
Risk Management Demarcation (fixing) problemProblem analysisDemarcation (fixing) possible cause Remarks
Risk Monitoring Remarks
Problem Solving Form???May include Type of problems, Current situation, Alternatives, Solutions, etc… Remarks

Who Will Work on the Project?

Roles and Responsibilities Remarks
Project Organization Chart/Structure Diagram Project Sponsor Remarks
Project Manager Remarks
Project Team Remarks

How and When Will the Project be Delivered?

Initial Project Plan Remarks
Assignments/Milestones Remarks
Schedule (Gantt Chart) Remarks
Human Resource Project Team Remarks
Requirements Support Staff Remarks
Additional Staff Remarks
Project Control Monitoring Mechanisms Remarks
Communication Channels and Schedules [documents, minute of meetings, etc…] Remarks

Quality Requirement?

Quality Requirements Functionality, Performance to meet pretest results Remarks
Quality Management Ensuring jig’s & fixtures for all products entering production stage Remarks

Record Project Epilogue or project document and file.